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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2G - weiss

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2G - weiss


Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2G - weissXiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2G - weissXiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2G - weissXiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2G - weissXiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2G - weiss
High performance smart air purifier, CADR of up to 406m3/h
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High performance smart air purifier,  CADR of up to 406m3/h

Purify your home in 12 minutesCADR of up to 406m³/h, 48m² effective coverage
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is the international standard for measuring the effectiveness of air purifiers. Mi Air Purifier has been redesigned from the ground up according to aerodynamic principles to deliver high performance from a compact device. The dual-blower 4-duct circulation system effectively pumps clean air into every corner of your home. Effective coverage ranges from 28m² to 48m².

  • 406m³/hCADR
  • 48m²Effective coverage

* Effective coverage is based on CADR and may be affected by factors such as room height and plot ratio.
* Mi Air Purifier's effective area is based on the GB/T 18801 Air Purifier standard:
   Effective area = CADR* (0.07-0.12)

Triple-filter protectionFilters out PM2.5, formaldehyde and other 
harmful substances

The 360° cylindrical filter takes in air more efficiently from every direction compared to conventional air purifiers. It filters out over 99% of particles sized 0.3μm and larger, using a H11-grade high density HEPA filter from Japanese manufacturer Toray. An activated coconut carbon filter also removes 91% of formaldehyde and other harmful substances. Replacing the filter is simple and you will be automatically notified via the app when it needs replacing.

  • 91%Formaldehyde and other harmful substances
  • 99.3%PM0.3 (0.3μm inhalable particles)
  • 100%Dust, pollen and other large particles

  • Formaldehyde
  • PM 2.5
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Smoke odors
  • Allergens
  • Animal fur
  • Harmful chemicals
  • 0.3μm particles
  • Benzene

Every way the wind blowsDual fan system, 4 independent air ducts
High performance filters can't distribute clean air to the far corners of your home. That's where the dual fan, four air duct system comes in. Mi Air Purifier uses two high performance fans to take in and expel air upwards through 4 independent air ducts. Clean air spirals up towards the ceiling, circulating 360° in all directions to fill the room before being drawn back into the purifier.

Completely in controlMonitor air quality at a glance
Use your phone as a remote to power on, power off, and switch modes. The Mi Home app also lets you monitor home air quality from your phone at any time. It recommends when to close windows or leave them open, depending on the air quality outside.

  • High speed mode
    At its maximum setting, it takes just 12 minutes to fully purify the air in a room.
  • Night mode
    Night mode lets Mi Air Purifier run quietly in the background, allowing you to enjoy clean air while you sleep.
  • Auto mode
    Built-in sensor detects current air quality and automatically detects which mode to switch to.

Instant and precise response to
air quality changes
PM2.5 particle sensor by Sharp

Sharp's high quality sensor detects PM2.5 concentration in the air, allowing for real-time readings on your phone. This lets Mi Air Purifier automatically choose the best settings for your room.

A breath of fresh airProvide a better quality of life for you and your family

Extremely sensitive to air quality changes, Sharp's high quality particle sensor provides accurate monitoring to keep air clean and pure for every home situation.

Supplied by the top 3 US air purifier suppliers, the triple-layer filter effectively removes PM2.5, formaldehyde, and other harmful substances from your home.

Coming clean
How well a filter performs depends on its purification ability and aerodynamic design. Supplied by the top 3 US air purifier manufacturers, the filter combines an aerodynamic 360° cylindrical design with a powerful triple-filter consisting of primary, HEPA and activated carbon layers. Easy to use and replace, its balance of power and quality is what makes Mi Air Purifier so effective.

PET primary filter 
360° filtration of large particles
Made with PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the outer layer is 3 to 5 times tougher than comparable models. It has high flexural strength and is resistant to folding, grease, fats, acids, alkalis and most solvents. The cylindrical shape provides 360° filtration of dust, hair and other larger floating particles.

Filters out large particles

  • Dust
    Dust and condensed fumes
  • Hair
    Human hair and animal fur
  • Particles
    Paper, wood and other tiny particles
  • Floccules
    Plant fibers such as pollen and cotton

Ultra-dense H11-grade HEPA filter 
Filters up to 99.3% of PM0.3

HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Arrestance) is frequently used in hospitals and labs to filter out micron-sized particles. Mi Air Purifier uses an ultra-dense Toray PP and PET HEPA filter to trap PM2.5, PM0.3, pollen and other inhalable particles, allowing only clean air to pass through. It measures 7.7m when fully extended and effectively filters out 99% of PM0.3 particles and 99.99% of PM2.5 particles.

Finely folded 161 times
The ultra-dense HEPA filter measures 7.7m when fully extended. Although ideal for air purification, this creates high air resistance. 
To get around this, considerable thought has been put into creating the folding process.

Perfectly folded corners
The sharp, precisely machine-folded corners allow air 
to flow more smoothly, reducing air resistance.

Carefully calibrated intervals
Intervals between each corner are carefully kept at precisely 3.5mm to maintain an even airflow.

Laser-positioned glue injection
Staggered glue injection with laser positioning 
ensures consistency and precision.

Quality coconut activated carbon filter sourced from Southeast Asia
Activated carbon absorbs harmful gases that HEPA is unable to filter. Mi Air Purifier's coconut activated carbon is among the most effective of its kind. It is combined with an anti-formaldehyde formula that effectively absorbs harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia, as well as odors and smoke. It offers a total specific surface area of 57,000m², or 8 soccer fields.

Conventional activated carbon filter
Higher ash content and impurities, smaller specific surface area, 
less effective than coconut activated carbon of the same weight.

Mi Air Purifier's coconut activated carbon filter
Greater purity and microporosity (5x that of typical activated carbon), 
greater specific surface area, relatively lightweight.

Absorbs all kinds of odors and harmful substances
Home renovations and other activities may release substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC, which can cause harm at high densities. Mi Air Purifier's coconut activated carbon filter absorbs hundreds of harmful substances in these situations, keeping your home clean and your family healthy.

  • 3-methylindole C9H9N
  • Indole C8H7N
  • Ammonia NH3
  • Hydrogen sulfide H2S

Renovation work

  • · Formaldehyde HCHO
  • · TVOC
  • · Radon Rn
  • · Ammonia NH3
  • Domestic waste

    • Ethane C2H6
    • Methanethiol CH4S
    • Trimethylamine C3H9N
    • Hydrogen sulfide H2S

    Filter replacement is a breeze
    The filter design integrates three layers in one for easy replacement. When separated, each filter layer has its own lifespan and can be hard to tell when replacement is needed. Secondary contamination from dust may also occur when replacing filters separately. By integrating all 3 layers, Mi Air Purifier's cylindrical filter addresses these issues and keeps filter costs low.

    Real-time usage monitoring
    All filters lose effectiveness over time and must be replaced promptly. Filters not replaced on time may not be able to block harmful substances or may cause secondary contamination. Contrary to what others may advertise, cleaning old filters with water or a vacuum cleaner does not guarantee that the filter will regain its effectiveness. We recommend you change filters every six months or less, depending on your usage. Use the Mi Home app to monitor filter lifespan and receive notification reminders when your filter needs replacing.

    • Washable filters not recommended
    • Permanent filters not recommended
    • 2 year replacement not recommended
    • 6-month replacement recommended

    Special activated carbon filter to tackle formaldehyde
    Found in many paints and in furniture made from plywood, formaldehyde is harmful to the human body and dissipates slowly. We built the special activated carbon filter specifically for the purpose of removing formaldehyde and other harmful substances.


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