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Hgst Ultrastar DC HC310 - 4TB

Hgst Ultrastar DC HC310 - 4TB


Hgst Ultrastar DC HC310 - 4TBHgst Ultrastar DC HC310 - 4TBHgst Ultrastar DC HC310 - 4TBHgst Ultrastar DC HC310 - 4TBHgst Ultrastar DC HC310 - 4TB
Medium Capacity for High Access-Density Requirements
Artikel-Nr.: 24644277
Hersteller-Nr.: 0B36048

Delivering Economics and Access Speed to Data Center Applications and Workloads

As the industry evolves to develop purpose-built solutions for growing data storage requirements, IT managers continue to rely on mid-range capacity drives that are economical to acquire, yet deliver quick and reliable data access for traditional data center applications. Designed to handle workloads up to 550TB per year, the Ultrastar DC HC300 series is a proven air-platform design that delivers up to 8TB of capacity to help address the economic and access-density requirements of many data center workloads. Ideal for storage and server applications, as well as distributed and scalable computing (including block and file storage architectures), the Ultrastar DC HC300 series provides fast 7,200 RPM performance and lower acquisition cost to help ease budget constraints.


  • Up to 8TB capacity supports traditional IT systems
  • Excellent random and sequential performance
  • Sustained transfer rate up to 255 MB/s for Advanced Format models
  • Choice of 12 Gb/s SAS or 6 Gb/s SATA
  • Self-Encrypting options (TCG/FIPS available on SAS models)
  • 5-year limited warranty

Applications and Workload

  • Distributed file systems, like Apache™ Hadoop®, to support Big Data analytics
  • Direct-Attached Storage (DAS)
  • Enterprise Network-attached Storage (NAS)
  • RAID Arrays
  • Data centers and cloud computing applications that require higher access density (IOPS/TB)
  • Legacy applications requiring 512n format (4TB)

Technische Daten

Kapazität4000 GB
Schnittstelle1x SAS 12Gb/s
Stecker7-Pin SAS
Bauart3.5 Zoll
Bauhöhe26.1 mm
AnderesBytes per Sector: 512E
Umdrehungen7200 rpm
Cache256 MB



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