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HP Ultrium3 Cartridge 400/800GB

Ein hochwertiges Band für Ultrium Tapes
Artikel-Nr.: 12169726
Hersteller-Nr.: C7973A
HP ensures the highest level of quality with media specifications that far exceed industry standards.

  • HP has 20 custom-built testing chambers that are in use 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • It is doubtful if any other media supplier carries out such exhaustive qualification of the drive and media as they are used in the field. This is because no media supplier is exposed to support of hardware in the field and has a vested interest in reducing media-induced hardware issues.
  • In 2001, 170,000 different media tests were performed, accounting for 1.3 million test hours.
  • HP testing includes procedures like drop testing, load/unload, environmental stress tests and archival simulation that are not required to gain the Ultrium logo.

LTO Ultrium tape technology uses a "best of breed" technology approach, taking the best features from other tape technologies and combining them into a single new technology without the need for design compromises to accommodate legacy compatibility requirements. Designed for the demanding environment of large-scale libraries, Ultrium media is certified for 1 million passes or 260 full back ups and has a 30-year archival storage life.


  LTO-1 Drive LTO-2 Drive LTO-3 Drive
LTO-1 Media
Read Only
LTO-2 Media
No Action
LTO-3 Media No Action No Action Read/Write

Technische Daten

BezeichnungLTO 3
Kapazität native400 GB
Kapazität kompr.800 GB


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