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Cygnett MagMount Wireless Charging Autohalter

Cygnett MagMount Wireless Charging Autohalter


Cygnett MagMount Wireless Charging AutohalterCygnett MagMount Wireless Charging Autohalter
Fits securely into your car
Artikel-Nr.: 24664297
Hersteller-Nr.: CY2367ACVEN
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The Cygnett MagMount Qi Wireless Car Charger combines the most convenient way to attach your phone securely in your car for perfect driving viewing with the ability to charge your device simultaneously. Free your phone and utilize the latest in car holders and wireless technology.

Strong & Sleek
The Cygnett MagMount Qi Wireless Car Charger is a magnetic mounting system for your phone that fits securely into your car vent system using a spring loaded strong hold clip. With its super strong magnetic hold it provides you with a stable place for your phone enabling you to take your device with you anywhere. Versatile and sleek it is the ultimate car mount system with wireless charging capabilities.

Wireless Features
Offering a stable and strong mounting system for your device it also provides you with the latest in wireless charging. Offering Qi charging technology expertise you can now charge up without the need for cables. Featuring full degree rotation mounting for your phone in either a vertical or horizontal position with pivot action for perfect driver viewing. With a secure vent grip along with a super strong magnetic hold meaning that your phone on even the bumpiest of roads is always held securely in place

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Peripherie1x Wireless


Cygnett MagMount Wireless Charging Autohalter Cygnett MagMount Wireless Charging Autohalter Datenblatt Technische Details



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