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BenQ PointWrite Kit PW30U für MW855UST+ / MH856UST+

BenQ PointWrite Kit PW30U für MW855UST+ / MH856UST+


BenQ PointWrite Kit PW30U für MW855UST+ / MH856UST+
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Artikel-Nr.: 25706611
Hersteller-Nr.: 5A.JJR26.20E

Enabling Interactive Learning with PointWrite™ Technology

PointWrite™ technology can transform BenQ education projectors into collaborative platforms that turn any surface into an interactive whiteboard. PW30U PointWrite™ kit and QWrite™ software seamlessly integrate with BenQ projectors to encourage a truly collaborative learning environment. Students and teachers can now work together using intuitive templates along with annotation tools to spark creativity and fun learning.

Create Interaction on Any Surface

PW30U PointWrite™ kit works on any flat surface, so no expensive digital whiteboard or additional equipment is necessary. With PW30U, images can be projected onto a desk or table for multiple students to easily share and write on the same screen, creating vast new opportunities for classroom interactivity and enabling possibilities for modern digital classrooms.

*Not all projectors support portrait projection. It should depend on projector capability. 


Dual Screen with Multiple Touch Capabilities

BenQ’s dual screen feature allows teachers to create immersive learning experiences by seamlessly connecting two screens. In addition, you can use PointWrite™ infrared pen or pair the system with PointWrite™ Touch* to equip a fully scalable and forward-thinking classroom. The multi-touch capabilities, which support Windows7 or above and future applications, are enabled by QWrite™** which supports multi-touch capabilities up to 10 points to encourage students to collaborate and create ideas together using one big screen. Students can now watch videos and take notes simultaneously using easy and intuitive technology.

*Dual Screen need the additional driver, please go download page

**Finger mode requires pairing with optional PointWrite™ touch module PT20.

***QWrite™ is BenQ exclusive annotation software is compatible with BenQ PointWrite™ kit.


Intuitive Setup for Interactivity

Easy 1-2-3 PointWrite™ Set Up

1. Insert PW30U* PointWrite™ kit (the camera with 60fps infrared sensor) into the projector.

2. Plug the USB cable to connect the projector to the computer, and execute PointWrite™ setup program and start automatic calibration.

3. Enjoy smoothly writing with ultra-fast 16ms response time via QWrite™ software on any surface along with PointWrite™ Pen or PointWrite™ Touch Module.

*PW30U also support manual calibration with improved accuracy.


Effective Auto Calibration with User-Friendly Configuration Interface

PW30U PointWrite™ kit supports auto calibration through a user-friendly configuration interface without complicated setup. The interactive sensor also guarantees reliable auto-calibration in normal ambient lighting without interference.

Hassle Free Interactive Teaching Without Driver Installation

One-time driver setup for initial alignment calibration PointWrite™ kit increases convenience upon the first PointWrite™ kit use, and subsequent users can plug and play to start the interaction quickly without driver installation to immediately start interactive teaching sessions anytime.

Advanced Light Interference Performance

PW30U PointWrite™ kit features improved light interference performance with new infrared technology. Equipped with enhanced anti-light interference level, PW30U ensures optimal usability under brighter sunshine in pen mode or finger mode*.

* Finger mode requires pairing with optional PointWrite™ touch module PT20.

Windows Gesture Support

PointWrite™ projectors support intuitive Windows gestures such as zooming in and out or scrolling while browsing webpages, pictures, or Google Maps. All multi-touch commands and gestures are supported for Windows8 or above and future applications.


New Design for Interactive Pen to Save Battery Lifetime

PointWrite Interactive Pen Gen2 provides auto power off function. When keep pressing the pen tip around 30 sec, the pen power will be disable automatically.


Technische Daten

NutzenInteraktive Lösung
zu GerätenBenQ MW855UST+/MH856UST+
Artikelnummer Original5A.JJR26.20E


BenQ PointWrite Kit PW30U für MW855UST+ / MH856UST+ BenQ PointWrite Kit PW30U für MW855UST+ / MH856UST+ Datenblatt Technische Details



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