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BenQ PX9710

BenQ PX9710


BenQ PX9710BenQ PX9710BenQ PX9710BenQ PX9710BenQ PX9710
Besondere Leistung und Zuverlässigkeit in grossen Räumlichkeiten
Artikel-Nr.: 19487510
Hersteller-Nr.: 9H.JC777.26E
Specialized Performance and Dependability for Large Venues

The BenQ PX9710 is purpose-engineered with versatile installation and setup flexibility for large venue applications. Eight types of available optical lenses and powerful motorized zoom, focus, and lens shift functions facilitate professional integration. Ultra-high levels of brightness, contrast ratio, and resolution deliver brilliant image performance, and interchangeable color wheels provide a choice to boost mid-tone colors for more lifelike pictures. With uninterruptible presentation assurance courtesy of a dual-lamp system, PX9710 ensures reliability along with hassle-free maintenance.

Superior Image Quality

  • Ultra-High Brightness Lumens

Developed for large-venue projection, BenQ’s unique dual-lamp powered high-brightness light engine produces clear and sharp images in bright environments. The enhanced luminance boosts vivid color intensity and depth for lights-on presentations for audience interaction and note taking..


  • Interchangeable Color Wheel

Included as a standard accessory, the six-segment RGBYCM color wheel can be used to enhance subtle color details and mid-tones for more lifelike images and video. For installation in brightly lit environments, the built-in RGBYCW six-segment color wheel ensures vibrant, bright images and presentation clarity.


Enduring Reliability

  • Dual-Lamp System for Uninterrupted Presentations

PX9710’s dual-lamp system ensures optimal brightness and prevents interruptions during presentations in case one of the lamps burns out. The system also detects remaining lamp life to balance individual lamp utilization in single-lamp mode.


  • DLP Technology for Vibrant Color Endurance

BenQ projectors are based on the absolute reliability of 1chip DLP design. The highly durable DLP chip is rated to last over 100,000 hours without degradation, ensuring true-to-life colors and pristinely legible text for countless uses.


  • Integrated Filtration

Serving as additional protection for the sealed DLP engine, two advanced filters ensure maximum performance even when the projector must be installed during dusty construction periods. Making maintenance as efficient as installation, the highly protective pleated filters can be easily cleaned or replaced from the front or right side of the projector, even if it is ceiling mounted.


  • Clear LED Indicators

A set of six LED indicators provide notification for lamp replacement and facilitate other troubleshooting processes.


  • Advanced Air-Cooled Projection

A thermodynamically arranged array of 10 fans maximizes cooling to maintain controlled operating temperatures and optimal projector performance even under extreme conditions. This minimizes risk of thermal damage, repair/maintenance costs, and customer complaints.


  • Offline Cooling

An integrated capacitor keeps the cooling system operational in case of power outage, preventing heat damage to the lamps. This smart solution helps eliminate unexpected cost and downtime.


Excellent Installation Flexibility

  • 360° Rotating Projection

The BenQ PX9710 can be tilted vertically at any angle, allowing projection onto ceilings, walls, floors, or angled signage. The possibilities for impactful visuals in shopping centers, galleries, museums and theaters are endless.


Realize Your Creativity with Versatility
  • Multiple Lenses for Diverse Applications

BenQ's PX9710 projector is compatible with eight various lenses. These all-glass optics, made in Japan, eliminate chromatic aberration and color flare for utmost image quality. Maximize installation options and projection layout with a quick one-button release. Changing lenses is now simple and secure.


  • Motorized Zoom, Focus, Lens Shift and Memory

The convenience and wide range of the powered zoom, focus and horizontal/ vertical lens shift systems deliver perfectly proportioned images despite installation or placement challenges in any venue. Customizable memory enables multiple settings to be conveniently recalled to optimize projection characteristics to a variety of content and application.


  • Comprehensive Built-in Test Pattern

Precision installation and setup is facilitated by various integrated test patterns, which allow easy calibration of linearity, color fidelity, bleed and distortion.


  • Central Lens Design

A new symmetrically centered lens design allows easy installation without the need for special considerations for offset installation.

Easy Management

  • Mechanical Shutter

For situations that require total darkness, such as during concerts, the mechanical shutter completely blocks out light to eliminate light leakage. This feature is also ideal for edge blending in multiple projector displays, allowing color adjustment of the adjacent projector without interference.


  • Network/Web Control

The BenQ PX9710 is compatible with Creston, AMX and PJ Link control systems for convenient system integration with various third-party components and reduced cost to centrally maintain multiple projectors.


  • Convenient Lamp & Color Wheel Access

Quick-access doors for lamp change are located at the rear side of the projector, allowing easy lamp replacement while the projector remains in the mounting bracket or dual stacked. For ceiling mount applications, a safety wire prevents the lamp from falling out. The color wheel is accessible from the top for convenient switching of the RGBYCM/RGBYCW color wheels.


Wide Compatibility

  • HDBaseT for Uncompressed Transmission Up to 100m

Groundbreaking HDBaseT connectivity combines video, audio and device control signals from multiple sources including: PCs, laptops, document cameras, Blu-ray and DVDs onto a single CAT5 cable. This ensures seamless transmissions up to 100 meters.


  • Full Connectivity Across Formats

BenQ’s PX9710 is comprehensively equipped with VGA, DVI, HDMI, and LAN as well as one Cat5 HDBaseT technology for high quality connections to a variety of devices and video sources.



  • Eco-Conscious Standby Modes

Adhering to strict European regulations, networked standby power consumption is cut down to a mere 6 watts to reduce environmental impact and total cost of ownership. When in eco mode, power consumption is a miniscule 0.5 watts.

Technische Daten

Typ / Einsatz
Quellen / Steuerung
SteuerungFernbedienung, RS232, Netzwerk, Lokal
PC-Eingang1x 15-Pin D-Sub VGA, 1x DVI, 1x HDMI, 1x Displayport
PC-Ausgang1x 15-Pin D-Sub VGA
Auflösung1024 x 768
Kontrast2800 : 1
Daten Lampe
Helligkeit7700 Lumen
Stärke350 Watt
TechnologieKonventionell (Gas)
AnderesDuale Lampe (350 W x 2)
3D fähigJa
Normal Mode41 dB
Silent Mode36 dB
Standby Min.0.5 Watt
Betrieb Typ.850 Watt
Breite510 mm
Höhe230 mm
Tiefe540 mm
Gewicht21 kg
Projektor3 Jahr/e
Lampe12 Monate
Lampe (alternativ)2000 Stunden


BenQ-PX9710-beamer-datasheet_13201260687585.pdf  BenQ-PX9710-beamer-datasheet_13201260687585.pdfBenQ PX9710 BenQ PX9710 Datenblatt Technische Details



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